Frustrated man because of his small cock size

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How To Enlarge My Penis?

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Ever Been Ashamed Of Your Penis Size?

  Does any of the following sound familiar to you?
  • Avoiding gym showers
  • Having low self confidendce and lack of ego
  • Afraid of failure when in an intimate moment
  • "What would a girl or a woman think if she sees me naked? When she spots my small penis?"
  • Ever heard humiliating comments about your manhood?
  • Ever heard no comments about your penis at all but deadly silence?
  • Feeling Insecure? Embarrased? Frustrated?
   Do you really want to change it?
   Forget about all hypes, hoaxes or any other delusive advertisements. Ever heard about:
  Many sites today promote this proven, top rated penis enlargement resource.
I am not really a fan of any incentives. However, I want to make sure that everyone
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  Now, let me tell you something.
We all know that the mother nature is not fair.
"Why the hell me! Why have I got stuck with 5 inches"?

  You know, I do watch "those" movies. I suppose that almost every man does.
There is no problem nowadays to find plenty of them on the internet. Teens, amateurs, blondes, brunettes, asian, black, matures - make your pick.
  Now have you ever seen them taking a big "10" incher? Sliding in easily?
I recall one video with a young teenage girl's confession saying that she honestly was not aware of how much pleasure that would bring. How great it was to feel the big penis sliding all the way down hiting the bottom of her vagina! She was totally ravished and delighted. Screaming out of pleasure with a great orgasm she would have never felt, never achieved with a small penis. That's physics, man.

  I have always been wanting to have a bigger penis.
 Believe me, I tried everything. When I was in my teenage years a friend of mine told me to eat lots of garlic with honey and lemon. I did try that. I felt like an idiot. Of course, that didn't work.
  Over the years I was tempted to try another stuff, many "guaranteed" advertised products. I did purchase various "miracle" penile enlargement pills and ointments. Results?
  It did not grow. Not a tiny bit.
Now, my friend, listen closely if you need an advice.

  Avoid those 'Magic' Pill Scams, Rip-off Pumps, or God Forbid Those
  "Recommended" Risky Surgeries.

  I spent a fortune in hope to grow at least 1 inch.
  Nothing helped but this.
  Proven old and effective techniques. I did it from the comfort of my own home.
  Confidentially. It saved me. It will save you. 

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... There's a saying: Hot girls are for "big" boys. I quite agree. I admit there may be some exceptions, but unless you're "good with money" or just really get lucky - the odds are pretty low to keep a hot babe satisfied. Women can feel the stamina of "well endowed" guys. Trust me on this.

  Why should they settle for anything less anyway? Think of it for a while..
Which would you prefer: a pretty voluptuous and sexy chick with nice boobs or a girl without any sex-appeal and no tits at all?
  If a girl or a woman is hot she will no doubt have many guys/chasers interested in her and trying to get her laid..

Small Penis - Disappointed Woman   The bottom line here: yes, you may still succeed but once she finds out about your "package" she will most likely be unsatisfied and prone to move on. It won't take long until another (more confident/stronger) guy will get her attention. Don't be surprised if one day she's simply gone.. This is not uncommon.
The "evolution" literature often refers to this as a "nature constructive selection by a stronger/bigger male".

  Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that women would always go with a "bigger" size. Most of them are comfortable with a size which is within a range of 7 to 9 inches. Once this criterion is "fulfilled" then they turn their attention to another men's qualities.
  Women always - although sometimes unwittingly - keep comparing men. You cannot blame them for that.

What Helped Me To Become A Real Man?
As I said I tried lots of those "male enhancement" pills in the past. Based on my own exprience they brought me no results whatsoever. I have also tried two expensive pump enlargers - after 2 months I started noticing a tiny progress (something around one fourth of an inch) but when I stopped using them the size went back to my 5.5.
To my big surprise, what really worked, were
>> Penis Enlargement Exercises.

  Are all the girls/women the same? Where are the feelings?
  I know, you might object that I did not mention "love"... Once in love there are higher priorities than just the size of a penis.. Well, fair enough. Love can really change it. Congratulations to the lucky ones! However ... I do not want to be rude but if you really just expect to be that "lucky one" now it is time to wake up! Look around and tell me how many relationships like that you can see? Or how long that kind of love lasts?
  Every relationship today requires assets - material, physical and mental. What makes you think that you would be different? The lack of any assets will dramatically lower your chances. Remember, odds are low.

Here is my story.
 This was so "unlike" to occur that even today I can't believe this was happenig.
More than 3 years ago I got a new job. I met a nice hot girl there. Our relationship started when working late hours. You know that stuff.. The first 3 - 4 months was mostly dating, going out, walking hand in hand, holding cuddling each other..
  When it came down to our first love-making night I was a little bit scared not to blow it up. Having a 5.5 inches long "warrior" did not give me much confidence.
 But everything went OK. I remember that I was able to "come back" 2 times. She said that she was feeling fine. She thanked me. I was so happy, one could not ask for more.. I loved her so much.
  Once we got into a fight about something irrelevant. I do not exactly remember what was said but I vividly remember the end of it. She just blurted out that she's the one who cares about me, who sacrifices herself and that she even pretends all her orgasms to support me and to keep me going.
  I was devasted. It hurt so much. Eventhough we managed to smooth it over I was never the same again. You can imagine. When time was "due" I was often not able to get my hard-on.. We broke up by Christmas Eve...

  4 months later I saw her with another man.

Couple in love penis size doesn't matter

  I still had feelings for her. I was smashed out of my mind. But the worst part was yet to come.
 I started to exercise in order to get out of trauma. Also I wanted to keep myself in a good shape in case an opportunity would come along so I could get her back. One day I had some job in the south part of the city so I stopped at a fitness gym there.
  Guess what? I could not believe my eyes.... What a coincidence!! I ran into her lover! And - believe or not - I saw him taking a shower! Holly cow!!! His flaccid penis size was undoubtly much bigger than the length of my erected small dick. I have never felt so ashamed and humiliated in my life..

  On top of it I still kept meeting her at work. She was all pink cheeks, happy, smiling, having fun. I had never seen her so joyous and cheerful before. She became a different woman...
  I could not help to think of her new sexual life... I kept visualizing her having sex with her new lover. Seeing her holding his large penis. Having respect for him. Seeing her coming through a real orgasm experience. Through a real sex enjoyment that I was not able to deliver.
...Yeah, my friend, the nature is unfair....

 For a long time I was powerless and resentful. My life was just a walking shaddow.

  But then my awakening came. I decided to change that by all means!
Have you ever had that feeling, a strong urge? Well, God heard me at last!  
  When I came across >>PenisAdvantage - Enlargement Excercises site, it has literally changed my life. It got me going. I've heard about some of those excercises before but did not know how to apply them properly. When I started my penis was 5.5 inches long.
  I held on to everything that was decribed there. I got all I needed. All instructions, tips, tricks, hints and coaching. By far the best penis enlargement method!
  I was persistent and diligent. All the hard work started to pay off after approximatelly 3 months. To make my long story short: today (after 5 months of exercising) my penis length is 7.5 inches! 2 inches longer!! I did it!!!

  Honestly, I would have never believed this to be possible! Now when I look at my larger "member" I got just one more thing to say: "Magic happens to those who are willing to do something to make it happen". Nothing comes for free.

  A month ago I got a new girflriend. I'm in love again. I love her without a fear. I am not afraid anymore and she definitively senses that. All women do.

  Yes, guys, "size does matter". Or ask yourself:
  Are you really satisfied with the size of your penis?

If you want a solution, here it is.

 >> Enlarge Your Penis Permanently.

Good luck to everyone ho decides to change his life.
I did.

With best wishes,

Dave Benford
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"Thanks, Dave, for recommending me this great program. Honestly I did not want to believe it. But since I've been thorugh almost every available penis enlargement except for this "exercising method" I decided to give it a try. I have only been on this program for 3 weeks and I'm just stunned with the results. I'm almost 3/4 " longer!! Would you believe this? You know what's amazing? I am a 42 years old guy! Dave, thanks alot once again. Cheers,

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  "Some people would probably disagree (I mean those pill enhancment companies) but in my opinion there only is one effective method. Dave, I second your statement.
I would rank all the known penis enlarging methods like this:
    Enlargement Methods
  •   Natural Penis Exercises
  •  Penis Pumps & Extenders
  •  Penis Enlargement Patches
  •  Penis Enlargement Pills
  •  Penis Enlarging Surgeries
I doubt anyone will come up with anything else.
By the way my wife has noticed how much harder my erections are and seems definitively pretty happy about it. I'm looking forward to continue with increasing the length of my phallus!

Paul K."
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I was really curious if this is possible. I am sending you my feedback and my "Thank you" for recommending me this great site. You know, I trully do not believe that a 5" long penis can be increased by 3 or even 4 inches. Speaking my mind - this is a nonsense. However I was hoping to get at least 1" out of it. To me that would be still a stunning achievement. In fact my 5 months quest brought me an 1.5" length enhancement! What else do I need to say? I am happy and delighted with my new size:)) Kudos!

Matt R."
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The whole my life I've been battling with my 4.5" small penis. If someone says the size does not matter then I would gadly let him have my "tool". Then I would ask him if he thinks there's any difference between a 4.5 and 9" long cock..
I am after one hot babe and I really had nightmares picturing myself to be naked in front of her. But not anymore. My first month was the toughest one but once I developed my routine I was good to go. I could feel the progress. I am no quiter so I kept exercising for full 6 months. Now I can say that it really comes down to a person's will and dedication. The more effort you put into it the better results you get. I want to tell the whole world that I gained 2 full inches!! Hey fellas, I am 6.5 inches big boy!
Dave, thanx a lot, you can use this as your testimonial, if you wish. This was my best deal ever!

Best regards,

Justin W."
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